Sunday, January 2, 2011



 "Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to" -John Ed Pearce
flying over the clouds magically links my heart & my head and I find as I'm suspended above earth my deepest longings emerge from my heart to the forefront of my mind.


I hated home for the longest time. I found it dreadfully boring and mediocre on every level imaginable.
I wanted as far from it as possible. I had been hurt, left, and suffered there. In attempts to fill my heart and idea of home I ran. I ran to Africa, college, friends homes, now in a marriage in Chicago. 
After running, I've found. Home is where you make it. And now, I miss it. I miss home since it is such an integral part of who I am and what I will accomplish and become. This year, with my best friend by my side I went back home to find it truly wasn't as bad as I had expected and maybe, just maybe I missed it and longed to go back once on the plane for my new city, chicago.

At the airport leaving home for home.

may this new year bring home to your heart- tm.                

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