Tuesday, April 19, 2011

cats n' dogs. geez, it's raining.

as many of you know, although april brings many good things (easter, fresh flowers, reese's peanut butter eggs) it also brings rain (gloomy, yuck, wet) 

as i contemplated this hard truth while on the bus this morning i decided that rain wouldn't be half as bad with optimal, stylish and unusual umbrellas...perhaps to make a passerby smile or yourself grin on a rainy monday..

1. for the inner art student: color wheel stick umbrella from uncommongoods.com 
2. in case you find yourself in nyc and it's too wet for a map or for those who love the big apple: raindrops on railways umbrella from modscloth.com
3. hippies love a good rain: marimekko prenikka compact umbrella from umbrellas.net 
4. how much fun. no need to remember to feed the fish: big fish umbrella also from modscloth
5. bring your own sunshine: mod 70's vintage pagoda

Saturday, April 9, 2011

poeticlaughter: free spirited art, etsy shop

i'm really proud of my new cowl that i crocheted for my etsy shop, poeticlaughter. the shop isn't up yet until i get more work and have time to develop shop policies, a logo, etc. but until then, please enjoy window shopping ;)

poeticlaughter piece, etsy draft 

wearing my new crocheted cowl out on a saturday afternoon

double crochet cowl (ok, so dustin is wearing it because i needed a close up and wanted to take it myself hehe)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not Breakfast: Dinner At Tiffany's

I am grinning ear to ear as I write this. 

Friday evening was the most romantic dinner with my husband. 

Dustin surprised me by taking me to Cibomatto, one of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago at The Wit

Before dinner began he presented me with the perfect gift: the daisy key necklace from my favorite store, Tiffany & Co.

the blue box.
Dustin said it was "me"

lobby @ the wit

being "fancy"

chefs at work
excited, unwrapping, so excited it's blurry but had to post it 

"fancy" cont.

fresh ingredients, chef's table 

Inside Cibomatto

starter: beet salad, burrata, parma prosciutto, chestnut vinaigrette
our table, italian soda for me, beer for dustin 

seating @ the wit lobby 

agnalotti, spinach, preserved lemon, ricotta salata

the wit lobby, music playing was: best day of my life by brighteyes

wit lobby cont.

wit art 

not too shabby; personal bathrooms 

It was a beautiful evening on the town & I'm still glowing after such an amazing date.

to life's pleasant surprises,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yarn Art

my first multi-color scarf

My second work of crochet art! I just learned to crochet and adore it. I've been having fun with bright colors and learning new stitches. I'm looking forward to putting some of my work up on etsy so be on the look out for PoeticLaughter knits and other handmade goodies by yours truly. 

art washes away the dust of everyday life,

Friday, April 1, 2011

So This Is What You Do?

first art purchase together

love at first hide

kitten.espresso machine.

   Let's pose normal, wait, no really. smile. i mean, ok don 't. ugh you didn't?
wait, did it take?

cherishing little moments and loving an artful life,

Travel: Not for the Faint of Heart

way to loop

tired. but home.

But I Will Hold On Hope

Dustin left, Jon right.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Love is Not Love Which Alters When It Alteration Finds

I'm a hopeless romantic.
I recognize that Valentines Day is a "Hallmark Holiday" 
I love it nonetheless.
A day dedicated to celebrate love is important and I've always thought of Valentines Day as a spiritual thanksgiving for myself. A time to thank others in my life and reflect on the love I have for friends, Jesus, my husband...everyone. 

this was our first vday as a married couple. 
Dustin surprised me with the best event possible:
a trip to Bin 36 for a wonderfully romantic Italian four course meal with wine pairings set up in the loft so that you watched a themed movie: Moonstruck with Cher and Nicolas Cage. While watching the movie, you ate the different courses and enjoyed the different types of paired wine.

I can't say enough about how romantic and perfect the evening was. I came home to beautiful flowers and chocolates and got dressed up for a night on the town

Bin 36, downtown Chicago

An Evening Out



someone on the street takes an awkward picture.   

you. must. go. there.

an end to the evening. catching the bus home.

Happy belated Valentines Day,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

i touched a star in the night sky

i apologize for the lacking of posts. 
life has continued to be busy.
please enjoy a few glimpses at my life in the past few weeks: 

House of Blues Chicago where we saw a show with the van somerens

enjoying a cocktail at the Rehab cocktail lounge 

Star of Siam: renovated warehouse 
Star of Siam is the best thai restaurant in all of Chicago

take a seat, on the floor

friends. meleah left dustin right

96th floors above the city for great conversation, drinks, and lots of laughs    

view from the signature lounge at the 96th

I'm loving this year already,

Monday, January 31, 2011

Lovers Live In Other Worlds

Dustin and I decided to take a "get-a-way" downtown. It was the perfect escape as we checked into our all suites hotel while the snow started to fall and enjoyed a glass of wine in the lobby. The weekend was filled with laughter, sleep, the discovery channel (we don't have cable) and Ginos East Pizza ordered to our room. 
 We did manage to enjoy The Melting Pot a delicious fondue restaurant downtown Chicago. The indulgence of a four course meal inspired by France included: fondue a' la France (a melted cheese), the fondue feast (an assortment of filet mignon, peppercorn-crusted NY strip, chicken provencal, roasted-garlic shrimp, mapel leaf duck a l'orange, ratatouille & goat cheese ravioli and fresh vegetables) and an oreo chocolate fondue with a million things to dip! 

me beginning to cook the raw meat at our table

dustin enjoying all the different dipping sauces

yummy fondue pot

assorted desserts for dipping (i adored the cheesecake)

On our way back to our place (only 15 min. away) we stopped to enjoy Michigan Avenue

micheal kors coat, urban outfitters bag & betsey johnson sunglasses
feet photo.
what a much needed break and some r & r

make sure to invest in some of your own r & r this month.
you're only as good to others as you are to yourself
grace & peace,