Tuesday, April 19, 2011

cats n' dogs. geez, it's raining.

as many of you know, although april brings many good things (easter, fresh flowers, reese's peanut butter eggs) it also brings rain (gloomy, yuck, wet) 

as i contemplated this hard truth while on the bus this morning i decided that rain wouldn't be half as bad with optimal, stylish and unusual umbrellas...perhaps to make a passerby smile or yourself grin on a rainy monday..

1. for the inner art student: color wheel stick umbrella from uncommongoods.com 
2. in case you find yourself in nyc and it's too wet for a map or for those who love the big apple: raindrops on railways umbrella from modscloth.com
3. hippies love a good rain: marimekko prenikka compact umbrella from umbrellas.net 
4. how much fun. no need to remember to feed the fish: big fish umbrella also from modscloth
5. bring your own sunshine: mod 70's vintage pagoda

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